Sunday, October 26, 2008

Risk Factors for Lymphedema

Risk Factors for Lymphedema

There are certain factors that can create a significant risk for the development of what is referred to as secondary leg lymphedema.

These risk factors include:

1.) Lymph node removal for biopsies

2.) Serious infections that include lymphangitis, cellulitis or erysipelas.

3.) Deep invasive wounds that might tear, cut or damage the lymphatics.

4.) Radiation treatments, especially ones that are focused in areas that might contain “clusters” of lymph nodes

5.) Morbid obesity can cause secondary lymphedema by “crushing” the lymphatics

6.) Serious burns, even intense sunburn

7.) Infection of the microscopic parasite filarial larvae, though this is more common in tropical countries

8.) For primary lymphedema any person who has a family history of unknown swelling of a limb

9.) Radiation and chemotherapy for cancer

10.) Insect bites

11.) Bone fractures and breaks

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