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Combined edema reducing therapy in the treatment of advanced lower limb lymphedema

Combined edema reducing therapy in the treatment of advanced lower limb lymphedema
Wiad Lek. 2008

Gabriel M, Sawlewicz P, Krüger A, Pawlaczyk K, Stanisić M, Majewski W.
Kliniki Chirurgii Ogólnej i Naczyń Uniwersytetu Medycznego w Poznaniu.

Combined edema reducing therapy is a recognized method of lymphedema treatment. However such therapy can be difficult to implement from methodological and logistic point of view in cases of advanced forms of lymphedema. The aim of the study was the presentation and discussion of intensive phase of combined treatment in patient with advanced primary lymphedema.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: Therapy was conducted on 19 patients (27 limbs) with edema reducing therapy program. Procedures were conducted daily for 4-6 weeks in out-patient and in-wards conditions.

RESULTS: Intensive phase of treatment succeeded in 3870-15 330 ml edema reduction, consisting of 48-65% of initial status. Chronic leg ulcers were healed completely in 2 patients. Ten patients underwent minor adverse events (AE), such as superficial skin ulceration (n = 2), popliteal fossa skin maceration (n = 2), neuropathic foot pain (n = 3) and skin scratches (n = 3). Modification of the treatment allowed the complete healing of AEs within 2-7 days, but it produced significant delay in achievement of desired therapeutic result, In 2 cases it prolonged hospital stay for 7 days.

CONCLUSIONS: 1. Combined edema reducing therapy is very efficient form of treatment in advanced primary lymphedema. 2. Intensive, 4-6 week, phase of the treatment allows 3.8 to 15.3 1 edema reduction. 3. In our opinion this phase should be conducted only in specialized centers for proper final results achievement with adverse events minimization. 4. The main point of the therapy is a combination of appropriate forms of available treatment.


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