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Unilateral leg swelling: deep vein thrombosis?

Unilateral leg swelling: deep vein thrombosis?

Feb 2011


Venenklinik Bellevue, Kreuzlingen, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland.



We present two cases of a unilateral leg swelling of unusual aetiology as a reminder to the physician to consider causes of unilateral leg swelling other than deep vein thrombosis, lymphoedema and infectious diseases.


Both of our patients developed progressive leg swelling. Subsequent investigation revealed a lesion compressing the femoral vein. At exploration this was found to be a ganglion cyst. In one patient surgical removal of the cyst and in the other puncture of the cyst and instillation of steroid resulted in prompt resolution of the swelling.


Venous compression due to external cystic lesions, although rare, is recognized. In strange cases this differential diagnosis should also be taken into account. Therapeutic options are the surgical removal or puncture of the cyst.


Please click on the following links for a comparison of leg edema from a deep venous thrombosis (DVT) versus Leg Lymphedema - also Post-Thrombotic Syndrome

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